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Custom Alerts & Alert Feed

You can add any Aircraft or entire Airline Fleet to your Alerts and get notified whenever there are any activity changes. You have full control on how and when you want the Alerts to be send out. You will also get a custom page that lists all Flight Activity of only Aircrafts that are on your Alert List.

Exclude Beluga & Charter Flights

When you sign-up for an account you can personalize your own settings to the Project, such as excluding the Airbus Beluga & Charter Flights on many of the pages and the main Statistic Page.

Daily Flight Summary

This special layout shows ALL Flight Activity of a given Date, grouped by Airbus Families in either Table or Timeline output. Its the perfect way to see the Daily Activities. One can even select any Date in the past to see all of the Flight Activity from then. All Operational Logs from that Day also show up on this page. P.S. The page even refreshes automatically, so you will always have the latest information being shown.

Airbus Spotter Log

Whenever you have spotted, flown or worked on a Airbus Aircraft you can logged that in your own personal Airbus Log. You can even filter your log entries as well as search your own comments. Only you can see your own log entries.

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Get access to NEW features on this Project before anybody else gets to see them. You will get notified via the on-site notification systems when new fetures get released.

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